The advantages for carpets

We have collated the five most important reasons for choosing a professional carpet solution for your office or home.

Find the right carpet solution

Choose from a wealth of different carpeting solutions. The most important thing is to find a solution,
that suits the room in question.

Office environments and corridors require a robust carpet. This will typically be a flat-weave carpet in a uniform design. If you decide on flat-wave carpet tiles, it is easy to swap one or several tiles where the need arises. Finally, you can choose loose rugs for places where wear is intense, or where noise abatement is needed.

There are many options.Contact us for a non-binding discussion about carpeting solutions for your upcoming project.

Improved comfort

1. Improved comfort

A carpeted floor ensures warmth and a more cushioned basis on which to walk or stand.

At the same time, carpeted floors are more slip-proof than hard floors, reducing the risk of falls.

2. Sound reduction

A carpet solution reduces unnecessary noise, for instance from people walking across the floor or colleagues’ telephone conversations. Carpet acts as insulation and sounds are less harsh than in a room with hard floors.

EA room thus furnished, with good acoustics, helps minimise disturbances and promotes employee’s productivity.

Sound reduction
A better indoor climate

3. A better indoor climate

Besides the aforementioned noise-dampening effect, a carpet solution also minimises the number of dust particles in the air, since fine dust is bound into it – for easy removal through frequent vacuum cleaning.

Carpet also contains antistatic properties, reducing the risk of static electricity. Finally, carpeting solutions result in a natural atmosphere which helps increase employees’ well-being, motivation and productivity.

4. Cohesive décor

Carpets can be the key to the tone of a room, whether wall-to-wall or individual rugs. A carpet’s soft structure brings the furnishing together, creates a pleasant atmosphere and allows for a personal and convivial overall effect. You might for instance choose carpets that match the company brand profile and colours.

5. Ease of maintenance

Wall-to-wall carpets save on the need for washing floors, which helps not only the environmental footprint but also aids continuity of work. Of course, a carpeted floor has to be vacuum-cleaned regularly, and we recommend professional carpet cleaning to remove any stains easily and effectively.

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