danfloor, the environment and responsibility

The quality of the external environment determines the health of the internal climate

We consider it our responsibility to minimise the impact on the climate of all processes, from the buying in of raw materials and production to the finished carpet when it is fitted for the end user.

We do this by optimising work processes and production methods. At the same time, we ensure that our flooring solutions fulfil consumers’ and contract customers’ requirements and expectations regarding the environment.

Both design and production take place in Denmark. This allows us to control every step in the production process and link all the various environmental control systems, thereby ensuring that potential impacts on the environment are kept to a minimum.

In purely practical terms, this means that when the carpet is due to be delivered, we can monitor logistics and ensure the shortest possible time-in-transit with the lowest possible level of C02 emissions.

ECONYL® fibre is made from 100% recycled materials. It is produced in the world’s most efficient industrial system for making polyamide yarns. ECONYL® fibre is the best-known recycled yarn on the market and is used in everything from carpets to clothing and the interior upholstery in new cars.

Nylon waste, which would otherwise contaminate the earth, is converted to ECONYL® regenerated nylon. This is exactly the same as new nylon: it can be reused, re-created and recast again and again. This means that new products can be created and purchased without taking up untapped resources.

danfloor uses ECONYL® fibres in various types of carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpets.

ECONYL® is designed and manufactured by Aquafil Group.

– Class 33 certification

– 10-15-year guarantee against wear

– Colour-fast fibres

– Dirt- and spot-resistant fibres

– Spill-safe impenetrable membrane

danfloor works using the UN’s 17 Global Goals, whereby our focus is particularly on:

Responsible consumption and production
danfloor ensures that the greatest possible amount of yarn is reused, either through regular recycling or – in our cooperation with Ulster Carpets – by collecting wool and recycling in other products. In addition, all cleaned cardboard rolls are reused by a local partner.

Life below water
Our use of ECONYL® means that danfloor is part of the effort to ensure the responsable use of the world’s oceans and their resources. ECONYL® is made from old fishing nets that have been abandoned, lost or discarded

Indoor Air Comfort Gold

Our textile floors are certified under the umbrella certification, ‘Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold’, which is a guarantee that our products live up to all VOC-emission (volatile organic compounds) standards for healthy indoor air quality. This is also a guarantee that the products are among the market’s best and help ensure a healthy indoor climate.

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