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Innovative solutions and high-quality carpets, designed and produced in Denmark with responsibility in mind.

Quality without compromise
since 1973

danfloor is an exciting world of fitted carpets and versatile carpet tiles
Your responsible carpet solution – designed and produced in Denmark

danfloor history

Our history

danfloor was founded in 1973. We have grown into an international carpet manufacturer but keep our hearts and headquarters in Central Jutland, close to Herning.

The locality is known as the centre of Danish textile production, with a long tradition of making carpets, clothing and more. Indeed, tradition plays a key role in the area’s self-perception: “If you can think it, you can make it” – is an approach that danfloor has embraced and continues to abide by today through low-environmental impact solutions and products.

Part of the Ulster Carpet Group
In 2002, danfloor became part of Ulster Carpets Group, a global concern and one of Europe’s most diverse carpet manufacturers. It is also a leading producer of Axminster carpets.

As a consequence, danfloor has direct access to state-of-the-art technology in several European locations and can draw on sparring resources in both Europe and the US. Rest assured that our products and production methods are the best and environmental impact is minimal.

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This is what we believe in

Innovation, quality, safety and service are part of our philosophy. And this permeates the entire process, from the design and development of our collections to the production process and, not least, to customer relations and the service we strive to give you and our other partners.

Responsibility and environment are key words for danfloor. For example, we have succeeded in separating out waste from the production process and general waste. This allows us to reuse as much as possible when making new yarns, cardboard yarn cones and similar.

Innovation, quality, safety

We believe in close cooperation and dialogue

When you choose danfloor as your partner and supplier of carpets, you will have at your disposal our skills, advice and guidance.

We work objectively to ensure that the carpeting solution you choose makes a difference and that it will help to create excellent well-being, a comfortable environment and the welfare of all users of the space.

Facts about danfloor

Facts about danfloor

  • Founded in 1973
  • Number of employees: 55
  • Located in Kibæk, Municipality of Herning
  • Subsidiary: danfloor UK, Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Co-owners: Processing Foamtex, Ikast (dying and back-coating of carpets)
  • Countrywide distribution network in Denmark and abroad
  • danfloor has been a member of the Ulster Carpets Group since 2002